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Bible Study

Bible Study

Who You Are In Christ Jesus

DATE: October 5, 2016
TOPIC: Who You Are In Christ Jesus

ANCHOR SCRIPTURE:1 Peter 2: 9 – 10


Your identity doesn't depend on something you do or have done. Your true identity is who God says you are.
The more you agree with God about your identity in Christ, the more your behaviour will begin to reflect your GOD GIVEN identity.

Why You Need to Know Who You are in Christ
 To live an effective Christian life you need to KNOW and BELIEVE who you are in Christ.
o    Reading your Bible regularly
o    Praying to God daily
o    Setting personal spiritual goal
o    Remain focused on spiritual instead of worldly things
o    Taking responsibilities for souls

•    The key to overcoming obstacles in life starts with knowing who you really are, ie the person you are in Christ.
•    You need to know who you are in Christ so that you can live your life as God intended and fulfil your destiny.
•    Understanding who you are in Christ will give you a strong foundation to build your life on.
•    Knowing who you are in Jesus is the key to a successful Christian life and a life lived ON purpose.

In Matthew 16: 13 - 20, Jesus had a conversation with His disciples regarding identity. He asked, "Who do people say I am?" The disciples responded with who others thought Jesus was. Then Jesus questioned, "Who do you say I am?"
Simon famously replied, "You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God."
Jesus went on to explain, "You are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church and it will change the world."

Who is Christ to you?
Knowing who you are starts with knowing Him more each day.
Is He another prophet? A historical figure? A good man? A fallacy? Or is He Christ? Is He the Anointed One? Is He Savior of the world?
The keys is to know Jesus as He is, not as others see Him. Others may see Jesus as a judge, but He is opposite. He is a loving God of mercy and grace. He is slow to anger and will not hold your faults against you. His plans for your life are to prosper, not harm. He is good and His loving kindness endures forever.
Knowing who you are originates in knowing who He is.
Peter found his true identity and calling when he acknowledged Jesus as Christ. Up till that point he was Simon, the fisherman. Sure he followed Jesus, but his life lacked power. Once he acknowledged Jesus as Christ, his identity changed. He became Peter, a rock Jesus could build His church upon.
Identity is found in greater revelation of who you are in Christ. Who He is and how He loves you; understanding how valued you are and how righteous He has made you contribute to who you are in Him. As you know how accepted and free He has made you, you can't but help become steadfast in your true self.

Identify With Christ

Knowing who you are in Christ  involves whom identifying with Him. You must not deny Him even in the face of persecution. . Because the one that stands firm to the end shall be saved.
Peter denied Jesus three times before the cock crowed. Thank God for His grace that made Peter to retrace his steps. The life of Joseph Aramathea (Mark 15: 43 & 46} is worthy of mentioning. The bible described him as a secret disciple of Jesus. He was doing this for the fear of the Jews. Besides he was a member of the council that decided the fate of Jesus. However Joseph could not hide his love for Jesus anymore and that prompted him to stick his neck out and went to the Pilate to ask for Jesus’ body so that he might give him a decent burial.

When you know who you are in Christ, you will change the world.
Once Peter realised his identity in Christ he went from ordinary fisherman to Christian superpower. On the day of Pentecost he preached (Acts 2: 14 – 41) and thousands were saved. He performed miracles and is credited as founder of the church. Jesus' prophecy was fulfilled - Peter changed the world. But it was not the man, it was the revelation. Peter found who he was in Christ, and it made all the difference.


Dig into the Word, search Scripture to discover Christ - not just who others deem Him to be, but as He is. Then look for "in Christ" passages that reveal your authority and right-standing in Him.
“For no matter how many promises God has made, they are ‘Yes’ in Christ. And so through him the ‘Amen’ is spoken by us to the glory of God.” 2 Corinthians 1:20
All the promises of God in Christ are yes. There is no stopping what you can do in Christ. Just like Peter, when you know who you are in Christ, you will change the world.

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