Women’s Fellowship


  • To enlighten women on our roles and responsibilities in the body of Christ
  • Encourage continuity in growth and discipleship
  • Provide a structure of realizing in practical terms love, unity of faith and of spirit among Christian women.
  • Provide opportunity for every woman to achieve maximum development and utilization of God’s given gifts
  • Building and equipping every Christian woman to be total, and fulfilled, at home, place of work, in the community and the church.
  • To share each other’s burden, pray and care one for another
  • Above all to get as many women as possible gloriously to heaven


  • To encourage spiritual growth, personal, and leadership development through:
  • Personal and corporate intercessory prayer, bible study, and participation in church services, meetings, and activities
  • Promotion of healthy marriage and family life
  • Contribution to the welfare and social well-being of the home, church family, and the community
  • Regular fellowship with each other in unity and one accord
  • Leadership training, teaching and witnessing
  • Uplifting the tenets of Redeemed Christian Church of God
  • Provision of Christian publications and training materials for women’s development
  • Partnership with the church in outreach and soul-winning activities, financial support, and church development planning outreaches also.
  • Organization and attendance of seminars, conferences, conventions etc.
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